This charming asshole

runs your favorite asset shop.


Hey! I’m Doron. T-Shirt Machine. Photoshop Lover. Welcome to the shop. I’m a freelance graphic designer working in the apparel and music industries for over 5 years. In this time I’ve found that my heart lies in the threads of each t-shirt I've worked on.

After designing a tribute clothing line for the late Mac Miller in 2018, I’ve found great passion in the field. I have since been continuing my design journey working with multiple clothing brands and companies across the globe.

Along the way, I figured there was not nearly enough open-source assets that effectively blend both aesthetics and utility. What began as a personal project snowballed my intro into the world of design tools. By supporting me and my work, you’re helping me achieve my goal of lowering the barrier of entry into design by means of user-friendly assets. Thank you for working to bridge the gap between the design and apparel communities.