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DITHERTONE® is, essentially, just what you've been looking for. But besides that, it is a set of actions that puts advanced bitmap techniques right at the tip of your finger. By launching each tonal channel of your image through an error diffusion algorithm, you get left with a uniquely color-separated and stylized bitmap graphic. No matter how complex that sounds, the process on your end is nothing more than a few clicks. Creating the highly sought after halftone diffusion look has never been easier. And we're just scratching the surface here.

Check out the accompanying tutorial and demonstration for this product: 



🏆 15 Actions Total

🧱 6 Actions for 6 Different Dot Sizes + 1 Action for Custom Dot Size.

🎨 4 Actions for Extra Processing Effects - including multiple bonus Denoising Actions to reduce JPEG Artifacts

 📜 PDF Tutorial for installing Photoshop Actions, and YouTube Product Demo / Tutorial Video


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