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VINTONE® is the powerhouse Photoshop template for crafting vintage t-shirt graphics.

This trail-blazing Photoshop tool revolutionizes the way you create vintage-looking designs, offering unparalleled versatility and innovative features that elevate your creativity to new heights. Now you can focus on unleashing your artistic vision without the hassle of technical stalemate.

 VINTONE®'s live dithering effects speed up the compositing process tenfold by cutting out unnecessary visual detail and letting you tailor your graphics to certain aesthetics such as Xerox or Halftones. All in real-time. Black magic, really.

Combined with a modular coloring process, VINTONE®'s intuitive workflow allows you create more authentic and engaging vintage graphics in far less time. Not to mention this product comes along with the perfect selection of vintage textures sampled from my Worn Plastisol Texture Kit to achieve that coveted retro charm.

VINTONE® streamlines the vintage graphic process into three simple steps: Composite, Choose Pattern, Color. This is undoubtedly the tool they wish they had in the 90's. Good thing it's around now!

Get to know more about the product:

Vintage graphics - modern simplicity.


🎨 VINTONE® PSD Template

🧱  VINTONE® Sample File / Demo Template

⚙️ 10 Customizable Dither Patterns (Halftones, Xerox, Stochastic, Diffusion, Diamond Grain, Fabric Grain)

🏅 Bonus set of Worn Plastisol textures within the VINTONE® PSD Template that add vintage charm to your design

📜 Full Length YouTube Product Demo / Tutorial Video


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